Our Story

Nick and Allison Gillespie in Rested Pillow Showroom

Owner and operator, Nick Gillespie, and his wife, Allison


Buying a Mattress Should Be Enjoyable

We don’t like the mattress industry. That’s why we got into the mattress industry. 

Rested Pillow Mattress Company was founded by Nick Gillespie and his wife, Allison, in early 2016. After selling mattress to put himself through college at the University of Michigan, followed by 12 years working for a major corporation, Nick kept going back to something he always wanted to do: offer a unique experience to help folks get a quality mattress.  

After all these years, he realized not much had really changed: there are still furniture stores trying to sell mattresses and impersonal chains with a sea of generic beds that all start with the same letter. There are new online retailers who have changed the experience, but with very limited selection and still don't allow consumers to "test drive" the bed before buying. Nick wanted to create something with the best of all worlds to move the mattress buying experience forward.   

The industry is broken. And we’re here to fix it. Thus, Rested Pillow was born.