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"We went to numerous mattress and furniture stores and looked at all the different name brands, but Rested Pillow had way better materials, hand made, and at a better price."

Ashley G., Sept 2017

"I am completely satisfied with my purchase and I encourage anyone in the market to shop here and avoid wasting your time at the big retail chains."

Tom K., Aug 2017

"Hands down the easiest and best mattress purchase ever... We are loving the mattress more everyday and getting plenty of rest and rejuvenation." 

Seun C., Dec 2016

"Mom bought the bed of her dreams! It's so great she's sleeping again."

Marie S., Nov 2016

"Great bed...great buying experience! Highly recommend for quality and stress free shopping...simple and easy."

Robert K., Dec 2016

Our Sleep Shop

1332 Hilltop Rd
St. Joseph, MI

(269) 982-1188

  Mon - Fri    12pm - 7pm

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