Steve Pierangeli, April 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

Great customer service. Very low pressure. Nick is very patient and informative. Great to work with. He encouraged us to look at other stores and come back. We did and bought from him. Very happy with the new bed. I've been sleeping great since. Highly recommend. 

Rachel Ramos, March 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

We had an excellent experience buying two new mattresses here. Nick, the owner, was very helpful without being pushy, and didn’t mind that our stir-crazy 3 year old was running around in the store while we shopped. There’s even a little kids’ area in the front with a table and coloring supplies, which was great! We were able to customize our mattresses to fit our exact needs and preferences, and of course they were made right here in Michigan after we ordered them. Delivery was prompt and the two delivery people were friendly and careful.

Sam Lily, February 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

I can't say enough good things about Rested Pillow Mattress Company. The store itself is simple and cozy, with a great variety of mattresses (all Michigan made!) without being at all overwhelming. Nick is super friendly, knowledgable, and helpful, and his delivery team is awesome, too! My husband and I selected a mattress (which we LOVE), ordered it on a Sunday, and it was hand-made that week and in our home on Thursday. The prices aren't any higher than the major mattress manufacturers' prices, either!

Jessie Leman, February 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

So, look. It’s 2018, and there are now options when you want to buy a mattress. Choices online are MANY and highly tempting, but might I suggest that you use the opportunity instead to support a local business? One that makes it their mission to make a high quality but affordable product that provides jobs to people in this very state? Hey, you vote with your dollars. The price range offered here is diverse—we were able to come home with a really nice spring/memory foam twin mattress for under $400 with a ten year guarantee, which is about how much we could’ve spent on a flimsy memory foam mattress online. We could have found one for less, too, but our goal was to find a bed that would last our son until he’s 18. The quality is fantastic, far surpassing any mattress I’ve seen in box stores. And if you’re looking for a luxury end mattress, this is the place, too! Each mattress is custom made in the factory in Lansing, so options and upgrades abound. My husband and I will be saving our pennies for our next mattress, and hoping our current one wears out quickly because we know just where we’ll go. Really low pressure sales staff and super informative. There’s a nice play area for the kiddos. Nick was even kind enough to gift our son with a display alarm clock that he had admired. This was a five star experience for us and we’ll be returning.  

Lori Zwar, January 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

What a REFRESHING Experience at the Rested Pillow in Saint Joseph Michigan!!! As most of us know, Customer Service is a Long Lost Art these days. We've been assisting our Elderly Parents with their Mattress Shopping for quite a while. It has been a PAINFUL Experience. On more than one occasion at different stores, we were quoted a price but if you leave and return a day or two later (after trying to make a good decision)... the price MAGICALLY Increases. We were at the furniture store just across the street and the sales lady there was Completely Disrespectful and Rude. I have NO IDEA why anyone would even walk into that place to give them business!!! By-pass them altogether and just go to Rested Pillow if you want Great Customer Service and Fair Prices!!! We highly recommend the Rested Pillow.

Gail Cummins, January 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

So glad I found this place. I researched retailers who carry Capital Bedding after a stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island where I got amazing sleep on their mattresses. The Rested Pillow was the closest to my location in the Kalamazoo area. Nick, the owner, had great reviews so a drive to his store was in order. We were not disappointed. He and his store are amazing. No pressure, just an over-all pleasant buying experience. Well worth the drive. Can't wait for our bed to arrive!

David Taylor, January 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

I had not slept in my own bed for a full night in many, many months. I was always uncomfortable and with a bad back, it made it worse. My wife and I went in and told Nick we wanted natural materials and a GOOD bed. He explained our options with no pressure and made very good suggestions for how WE sleep. Our new bed was custom made and in our house within a week. Amazing! (Even the guys delivering were great to work with.) We feel we bought the best bed money can buy and couldn’t be happier. I’ve actually slept a full night, every night in the new bed since day one.

We’re grateful The Rested Pillow is a local business that listens, gives sound advice and provides top notch products that include safe and natural materials.

Tedd R, December 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

My wife found the website for this store so we decided to check it out. We were more than pleased to say the least. We love the fact the products are made right here in Michigan and that they are of such great quality. Nick's customer service was awesome. He took the time to answer all of our questions and even showed us how the mattresses were made, which was very informative. We had looked at other mattresses before going here and Rested Pillow's prices were, by far, the best. In addition to purchasing a mattress (and box spring), we bought two Zoned Dough pillows that we are so excited to try out. I would highly recommend shopping here.

Amy Peterson, December 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

Nick's customer care and service is off the charts! We bought a mattress, sheets, and pillows from him, and honestly couldn't be more pleased. He stands by his product and his word. It was a truly pleasant experience from start to finish, and we can honestly say we sleep much better without aches and pains!

DLignell10, December 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

Nick was very helpful and knows his stuff. Really enthusiastic and wants to meet your needs.

Mary Beth Burke, December 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

After shopping at the big box stores, it was refreshing to walk into Rested Pillow! The owner knows his business and could explain all the details of comfort and construction that were important to us. The showroom is well laid out (pun intended) and the displays are so creative! Nick is fantastic, he delivered our beds quickly and was willing to work with us on timing outside of normal delivery schedules. Thanks so much!

J.B. Hoyt, December 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

I hate pillow shopping; let's make that clear! I'm a side-sleeper who wants adequate head support...not so much that it bends my neck, not so little that it flattens into nothing. Most pillows are one or the other! After visiting the store several times, I suddenly realized that the Rested Pillow not only sells mattresses, but pillows, too!?! Nick steered me to a gel infused foam pillow that had the support I wanted, but wasn't high enough. He offered to special order the higher loft version and, voila, its perfect! I'm finally on a comfortable pillow and sleeping much better! Great advice, great product!

Ashley Gaines, November 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Google

Went to numerous mattress and furniture stores and looked at all the different name brands, but Rested Pillow had way better materials, hand made, and at a better price. The customer service was amazing, answered all of my questions and helped me determine the best fit for me. Shipped right to my doorstep in a box. Best sleep ever!

Katie Utter, September 29, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Outstanding service! Received great information about each mattress I tested. Made my decision in fifteen minutes. Can't wait for my mattress to arrive! Very relaxing store. No pressure sales at all. Super clean!

Laura Hall, October 9, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Outstanding Experience! After suffering a back injury and sleeping on the floor for 3 nights, I went to Nick at The Rested Pillow. I told him I am tired of low quality mattresses, but don't want to have to learn all about mattresses in order to buy one. He asked what I liked and my response was the Heavenly Bed. Nick had one just like it made, but better quality and better price and had it on hand in two days. It's perfect! Nick made the purchase experience a piece of cake, selling us a great mattress at a great price with no hassle.

Aimee Deas Piehl, October 17, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

WOW! I put off buying a new mattress forever. I walked in and met Nick, who is very friendly and helpful! I never felt pressured, just informed. I now have a new mattress and I LOVE IT! Thanks again Nick. Go check it out!!

Rick Schaut, October 22, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Wife and I were thier first . Which is kind of cool . Wife has been looking at mattress for 6 months . Sleep number you name it. Wife finds this place opening in our home town and the mattress are made here in Michigan plus I can order my mattress flipable . Hell the big name mattress companys have got cheap and you can not flip them to extend the life of your mattress . I grow up flipping my mattress once a month. Any ways have invested a ton of money on sealy and Serta mattresses in the last 17 years . Always have had back issues and could not sleep fir the 6 hours and have always awaken 30 to 45 minutes before my alarm would gone off. Ordered a double sided firm/ soft in the middle king size . I sleep all night now . Resting 7 to 8 hours a night i feel so much better .well rested.

Karen R., November 4, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Yelp

We needed a new mattress, ours was reaching the end of its life. I have MS and my husband has a bad back. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and after 3 weeks of getting very little sleep, we new it was time to replace our mattress. I searched Yelp, read the reviews and decided to stop by the store to "look". After trying several beds, I new we find the right place. Nick was wonderful at explaining all the different types. We ordered one that day. After going home and talking about it, we called Nick back on Sunday ( they are closed). I was going to leave a message, but he answered. We decided to go for the moveable base. He was great about explaining the different ones and that our new mattress would work with it. He delivered it as promised. I slept 9 hours straight for the first time in 3 weeks. I woke up feeling great! The base lets me sit up comfortably to read without straining my neck. I love the fact that this mattress is freshly made and not sitting in some warehouse for who knows how long. Nick is great to work with and knows his business. He takes the time to listen and recommends what he thinks you need. I can't imagine buying a mattress anywhere else. Thanks Nick... you are the best!!!!

P.S. His helper, also named Nick, was also amazing! Efficient, courteous and very nice!

Marie Orth Shane, November 13, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick went the extra mile to help explain all the different types of mattresses to mom. We were in his store for an hour trying to decide on her mattress and he was never a typical pushy salesperson. Mom bought the bed of her dreams! It's so great she's sleeping again. Nick delivered and took away the old one. Thx Nick!

Woomie Craig, December 1, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Really great service, transparency and mattresses

Seun Craig, December 2, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick did an amazing job with the beducation. Me being a nerd really enjoyed knowing exactly everything that goes into the mattresses.

We came in and looked at several mattresses and tried out several different firmness and types to get a feel for what we were interested in. Nick was very friendly and helpful without being pushy.

We came back a few weeks later with a better idea of what we wanted and purchased a King size mattress. Delivery was a breeze with Nick and he was even willing to follow up with us and make sure we are satisfied with the purchase.

Hands down the easiest and best mattress purchase ever... We are loving the mattress more every day and getting plenty of rest and rejuvenation. Highly recommend!  

Lauren S., December 4, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Yelp/Facebook I can't say enough great things about Nick at Rested Pillow. Phenomenal customer service, great knowledge about the bedding industry... a true local business the way it should be. All of Nicks beds are high quality mattresses manufactured locally here in Michigan. Nick was patient and resourceful with me and my husbands needs when we were shopping for mattress. We struggled with understanding if we needed a foam or hybrid bed and also discussed customization options. Nick was able to articulate the difference so we could weigh out our options to make the stress of purchasing a new mattress easy. I highly recommend going to Nick over purchasing a bed blindly online. He'll put your mind at ease and make sure you'll get a good night's rest  

Becky Doak, December 6, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Enjoying the new mattress. Great customer service at The Rested Pillow!

Robert Corky Kress, December 28, 2016

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Great bed...great buying experience! Highly recommend for quality and stress free shopping...simple and easy. Thanks Nick!

Justin Voit, January 18, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Yelp/Facebook

Hands down, best purchase experience.

In an attempt to relieve my lower back pain, I went to The Rested Pillow to find a better mattress.  Nick is the owner and the one that helped me.  

Instead of selling me a mattress he educated me on the products he carried so I could make a decision I'd be happy with.  The store was clean and simple.  After a couple of visits and a few hours laying on mattress I made my decision and scheduled delivery.

The bed was made several days later (in Michigan) and delivered to my home in a 'roll pack' method which we found rather fascinating.  I've slept on my new mattress for several months now and my wife and I love it and I can definitely tell a difference in my lower back.  

I believe this to be a business that will stand behind it's products with integrity and therefore would recommend this store to anyone looking for a new mattress.

Liz Thomas, January 19, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick helped my fiancé pick out the perfect z gel dough pillow for me. Thanks to his guidance in what type of pillow I should be using, I no longer toss and turn throughout the night and I wake up actually feeling rested. We can't wait to go back and purchase a mattress!

Lauren Bigger, February 12, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

I have dreaded mattress shopping in the past because most places provide an experience similar to a used car lot and it's hard to know who to trust. The Rested Pillow in St. Joseph gave me the experience that "buying local" should feel like. This was the easiest mattress buying experience I have ever had and it makes me feel really good to have a Michigan made product in my home. Good product, people and prices. I won't go anywhere else. Thanks so much!

Dave Whitehead, February 15, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Best experience you could ever imagine with a complete focus on delighting the customer!Every minute spent with Nick at Rested Pillow was impeccable. From the clean showroom, extremely knowledgeable staff, and delivery of product, it's exactly the experience someone would want when making a big purchase. It's rare to find a store/owner that is more concerned with the customer's happiness vs just selling products. Finally, the bed is amazing! Best sleep I have had in a long time. Time to upgrade your bed, go to Rested Pillow!!!

Tyler N., February 25, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Yelp

I've had the gelled microfiber pillow for a week now and am actually liking it over a few of memory foam pillows I have. The stores layout is great. The signs above each bed depict its feel(firm or soft) making finding your type of mattress relatively easy. I personally own a Leesa mattress but after laying on a few of the beds in the store I found that Rested Pillow offers a similar style mattress for a similar price. If you're debating on a Leesa or Casper I'd highly recommend stopping in and checking out the mattress in the store before making a decision.

Gloria Grane, March 3, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

with about 7 wks of sleeping/adjusting to The Beaumont, I have comfort, restful, peaceful sleep. I found I don't turn radio on to relax to doze off, in fact I slept through my alarm 3 times, thank goodness I was not late. I just don't want to get up. snug as a bug in a rug. if I end up late & get a point for tardiness, nick is going to have to call and explain what a great product he

I do have the 4 sided sleep tite protector, found it too warm, so I put a cotton light duty mattress pad, much better.aaaahhhh

thanks rested pillow/nick

- Update March 7: want to take a min to express again how important it is to look, shop, touch, ask questions. arrived at work today/ 2 co-workers in conversation about a horrible experiance M had of a bed purchase. K said to M you needed to ask around, gloria got an awesome set from st joe, mi. M got hit with charges for this and that: delievery date was not going to work out, conversation of disappointment went on & on. i feel so bad for M. found out M bought from some place called THE DUMP........should i say more. "THE DUMP" . rested pillow, next time i make way to coloma, i will need some business cards/flyers of Rested Pillow /capitol to share with my co workers. I LOVE MY SET.

Mark Postelli, April 1, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

The quality and selection of mattresses is fantastic. And they are made in Michigan!! Nick spent the time with us to help us make an informed decision. This was a great purchase for us and I'm sure we will be sleeping much better and comfortably! Thanks Nick

Lisa Hemmerly, April 20, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

If anyone is looking for a new mattress I would highly recommend going to see Nick. Amazing customer service and very competitive pricing. Support a local company and family. Thank you Nick.

Shelley Moyer, May 16, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

WONDERFUL experience shopping for a mattress for my 15 year old daughter. The store is incredibly clean and well laid out. You will NOT find better customer service at any mattress store around! Nick was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and courteous, and NOT a "pushy" salesperson. I also love that the mattresses are made in Michigan and are of such high quality. Additionally, the delivery was incredibly quick and on time (actually EARLY). Thank you Nick for an exceptional experience. We will be back!

Ian Peterson, July 6, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick has created an atmosphere of learning at the business he owns and manages at Rested Pillow in Saint Joseph, MI. As someone who has not shopped for a mattress before, the introduction to how beds work, how they been made, and focusing on my needs instead of arbitrary perks and accolades associated with brands was absolutely invaluable. Nick welcomes competition and had absolutely no issue with my interest of inquiring other businesses in the area first before coming to a final decision.

He knows he's the best here. This does not reflect poorly on his character, though; Nick's attitude towards customer satisfaction through listening first followed by gentle guidance comes from understanding what it's like be in the customer's shoes and taking all steps needed to ensure you are not only comfortable in his beds, but comfortable with the sale. This brings me to the quality of his beds—which I have not intentionally put off, but have only now began to describe due to feeling the need to initially write at great length my overall experience at the Rested Pillow. I may have only slept on a few number of beds in my life so far, but this is, without doubt, the best sleep I have known. There is a simple yet wide selection to choose from that will accompany all types of sleepers, with or without partners. You can feel it in the material and, undeniably, when you sleep that these mattresses are made with appropriate, cozy material yet are strong and durable that will last many years. With one last note, I will cover price. Although these are amazing beds, they are unquestionably listed at amazingly affordable prices. No matter your price range, Nick's beds are excellent and will fulfill your needs. My only regret is that I will soon need an additional bed at a new location that I will be moving to shortly and that I won't be in the area to purchase from the Rested Pillow again. If you want mattress shopping simplified through education, understandable layouts, a clean facility, and warm service, Rested Pillow is a must. Thanks, Nick.   

Alyssa Pawlowski, July 20, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Relaxed shopping experience with Nick. We took quite some time to pick out just the mattress to replace our Temper-pedic but I think we got the perfect match!  

James Felgner, Jr., July 21, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Exceptional customer service! Local company and Michigan made!    

Kayleigh Cordes, August 5, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

If you are looking for a new mattress this is the place to go! Nick is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He helped our oldest son find the perfect mattress for him. There was never any pressure to buy (so refreshing not to feel like we were talking to another salesperson like we did at the big stores) and he truly cared that we got the best mattress for us. We ended up getting two and both boys are sleeping better and loving their new mattresses. We will definitely be going back when we need to replace other ones.  

Whitney Tinker, September 26, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick was so helpful and friendly! No pressure at all and he insisted we take our time, think about it, and come back to make sure we really got the perfect mattress. We couldn't have had a better experience. GO HERE!  

Zack East, September 26, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Wow. I mean, really, wow. From the customer service Nick and his staff provide, to the boutique showroom's cleanliness and organization, easy-to-follow guides on the mattresses, to the product itself (and my night's rest), I am blown away. To think I can get a custom-made, Michigan-made mattress for a really reasonable price that is this soft, comfortable, luxurious without the high-pressure sales and flashy showroom is really refreshing, especially in St. Joe! I am so happy to have worked with Nick on the right mattress for me and my usually angry back and neck. I wake up so much happier now that I'm sleeping better on the correct mattress. Nick listened to me and guided me to the right product, even as I took more than an hour and more than one trip to figure it out. Is it the cheapest place to get a mattress? The most expensive? No and no. It's just a better bed-buying experience.  

Martha Peterson, October 19, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

We can not say enough about our experience. Thank you Rested Pillow Mattress Company!  

Melissa Hollerbach, October 30, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

I stopped in one snowy night as I waited for my to go order from Papa Vino's. As a stomach sleeper I often wake up with a sore neck when using a more traditional off the shelf pillow from a major dept store. Nick, instead, showed me a pillow that I have loved from the day I purchased it. It's specific for those who sleep on their stomach. It's perfect. I even bought one for my husband and we both receive such a restful night's sleep and no more neck pain. Thank you!  

Amber Anderson, November 13, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick helped us find our little guys first bed and it was one of the best experiences mattress shopping i have ever had ( with two kids in tow) ! Thank you so much for your help and we will be back soon !  

Catherine Hoyt, November 21, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

I highly recommend The Rested Pillow. Shopping here for a mattress was a very positive experience. Nick, is very knowledgeable. He took the time to understand our preferences and to explain each type of mattress to us. We were also able to try many of the mattresses out in a relaxed, non pressured environment. Once we decided on a mattress, it was delivered in a matter of a few days. The delivery crew was extremely polite, clean and attentive to details. My husband and I are both sleeping better. We love our new mattress!  

Tad Webber, December 16, 2017

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Very helpful I will be using them for all my mattress needs  

John Truesdell, January 15, 2018

★★★★★ 5-stars, via Facebook

Nick was great to work with during our visit! We love our bed and enjoy supporting such a nice local business.  



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