Our Mattresses

We sought out one of the most respected & experienced mattress makers in the country to create a comprehensive, yet not overwhelming lineup for The Rested Pillow. It just so happens that Capitol Bedding is down the road in Lansing, MI. We are proud that their craftsmanship and quality are in each of our beds.  

Capitol Bedding has been making mattresses since 1946 for clients such as the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.


We feature 3 main types of beds: Coil, Foam, and Hybrid.

Coil construction

Coil Beds

Also called innerspring or coil beds, this is the original and common type of mattress support system consisting of spring coils or springs connected together using wires.  A variety of padding and upholstery are added for comfort. This is also the most economical support in mattresses and is often what folks most likely grew up sleeping on.

    Foam Beds

    Foam mattresses are unique in that there are no springs in the bed at all, just different types of foam.

    The mattress achieves the desired feel by using a variety of foams:

    • Natural latex
    • Synthetic latex
    • Memory foam
    • Conventional foam

      Foam mattresses are one of the most comfortable and longest lasting mattresses because they conform to your body for excellent support and pressure relief.  

        Hybrid Beds

        Pocketed coil mattresses allow each coil to move independently so they can contour to your body for ideal support because each coil is wrapped individually and then joined together using glue. This is the best coil design for deferring motion transfer between bed partners and is very durable so you have a restful, undisturbed night of sleep.

        Flippable Two-Sided Beds

        Yep, we still make 'em!  In addition to one-sided beds, we have several beds on the Showroom floor that are "flippable".  These two-sided beds have the same construction on each side and can be flipped to extend their life.

        Tight Top and Pillow Top Beds

        • Tight-top mattresses are more traditional single-sided beds that don't have a pillow top.  

        • Pillow-top mattresses are single-sided beds that have an extra layer of comfort materials.   

        Visit us to see which type of bed feels the best to you!