Customize Your Comfort

Studies have shown that sleeping elevated can help relieve back pain, ease sleep apnea and snoring, and reduce acid reflux and heartburn. With an independent head incline up to 60 degrees and a foot incline to 45 degrees, your comfort is customizable.

Premium Technology

Malouf's Base App™ is built and maintained in-house for peak performance, responsiveness and better Rest. Available for iOS and Android Siri®, it features shortcut voice commands, partner control, snore detection, dark mode and personalized settings. Malouf also has a proven quality record with a less than one percent service rate backed by an award-winning customer service team and an established technician network across the U.S.A.

Fits into Existing Bed

The sleek, linen inspired upholstered frame in Stone color fabric looks great on it's own, but can also fit into most existing bed frames or accomodate most headboards with our bracket accessory (sold separately). Since it’s true zero clearance, it can even sit directly on foundations, platform bases, slat beds, or the ground.

The Technical Bit

Compare features across our entire lineup. Note, our two bestsellers (N150 & E455) are what we feature on the website, but we can special order the others. See store for details. 

Independent head incline: 0 – 60°, foot incline: 0 – 45°. 15-inch height from floor to top of base; includes 3", 3", 6" legs; modular legs available in additional sizes, sold separately. Backlit, wireless remote control, batteries included. Three preset positions: Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat. Two programmable positions can be customized and saved. True zero clearance; remove the legs to place directly on foundations, platform bases, slat beds, or even the ground (now includes slat stabilizer brackets). Dual 5V 1.5A charging ports located on both sides of base. Bluetooth® with the highest-rated and industry-leading Malouf Base App™; Siri® Shortcut voice commands built-in with iOS 12 and newer. Headboard brackets and other leg sizes sold separately. Upholstered with linen-inspired fabric in Stone color. 850-pound weight capacity on all sizes. All sizes foldable for easy storage; can be shipped by FedEx and UPS. 20-year warranty guarantees high-quality construction.